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Unique off-grid school bus motorhome, solar powered, live anywhere

Unique off-grid school bus motorhome, solar powered, live anywhere


Cherry Hill, New Jersey

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For sale is an off-grid school bus motorhome conversion. The bus is livable year-round (my 3 kids and I spent last winter in Upstate NY), but there is also plenty of project potential for someone dedicated to make it a long-term residence. It has solar panel electricity (no need to hook it up to a power source), a composting toilet, sink with 55-gallon water storage, 4 beds, wood stove, microwave, chest-style fridge, and is partially insulated. It is livable virtually anywhere that you can just get a water source.The interior is partially finished, which can be either kept as is, or insulated further for better winter comfort. The floor is the original rubber matting. Approximately 2/3rds of the interior walls have been reinsulated with foam board insulation. The rear passenger side of the vehicle is not finished and I have some spare foam board insulation that I had just propped up against the wall for the time being. I would overall consider the bus to be livable but also a work-in-progress, depending on your comfort level. The solar power system includes:- 1.5kW solar panels (6 x 250W), roof mounted and adjustable tilt- 928 amp-hour deep cycle battery storage (golf-cart style)- 3000W modified sine wave inverter- Both 110V AC outlets and 12V DC (car adapter) plugs- 75 amp MPPT charge controller with 95% charge efficiency- One bed currently has a 12V light for nighttime reading- Main nighttime interior lighting has been a basic shop light that I've kept plugged in, but there are also the original ceiling lights which you can add individual switches and hook up to the solar batteries.Plumbing system includes:- Large stainless steel sink and counter- 55 gallon water storage (indoor and insulated)- Waste water disposed in a simple 5 gallon bucket under drain- Water can be filled with either an indoor hose and a pump, or you can modify it to take a hose from outside.The toilet is a simple composting toilet, "sawdust bucket" (5-gallon) style, with urine diverting into a separate 1 gallon jug. The bucket gets filled with sawdust/peat moss/wood ash and disposed of in a trash bag. The urine is diverted into a separate 1 gallon container to minimize odors, which can be disposed of either down a drain, in the wilderness, or diluted with water as a liquid fertilizer. Included is a large chest-style refrigerator and microwave, tied to the solar power. The dinette seats 6, and there is an overhead shelving for storing food and kitchenware. Includes 4 adult-sized bunk beds.The Wood stove is made from thick (3/16") sheet metal, lined with 2 1/2 inch firebricks for radiant heat. Fresh air is drawn from outside through ductwork that goes through the floor. As per the vehicle itself, it is a 1997 Ford B-800, with a 5.9L Cummins turbo diesel engine and an Allison automatic transmission. It has a 50 gallon fuel tank and gets somewhere between 7-10 mpg depending on load. Mileage reads approximately 183,000 mi. Gross weight is 17,000 lbs (8.5 tons). Interior living space measures approximately 7.5' x 30' (minus cab/engine area). It has been re-titled as a motorhome, so there is no CDL required to drive. It's 36' long, 8' wide, and 11' tall, including the solar panels and chimney. I recently replaced almost all of the service and emergency brake (hydraulic) lines (about $300 in parts), and the brakes work like a champ.Includes the OEM Ford B-800 repair manuals.With the asking price includes:- $4,000 bus base price- $3,500 worth of solar panels, deep cycle batteries, inverter and charge controller- $1,000 conversion to motorhome- $1,000 wood stoveThe right passenger windshield is cracked and needs replacement, quoted around $250. It doesn't affect visibility while driving.