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Temisco Trailer 53' 2014 Moving Floor

Temisco Trailer 53' 2014 Moving Floor


La Sarre, Quebec

Year 2014

Make Temisko

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Length 53'

Posted Over 1 Month

Chassis: Steel frame manufacture 100,000 lbs Bolted Pivot itch Plate of the fifth wheel 5/16 " hts steel reinforcements Braces in the steel 4 "to 3.2 lb per foot installed at 12" c / c Front corners 90 ° in aluminum Upper side extended aluminium structure rounded model Lower side extended aluminium structure heavy duty Lintel with extruded aluminum tube Door frame with steel tube 3/16 "X 2" X 4 " (2) Safety hooks for unloading Wall: Vertical panels Eurotech aluminum FRP Front Panel with reinforcement and gateway Aluminum sample dool Construction with side wall higher at the back than the front for maximum load (typing) Door: Back door burn type model with outside ladder (2) locks per door + (1) with mechanism on the side (for ramps) Floor: Keith walking floor Series II with plate 7/32 "thickness 10" race with robust cylinder. Floor support with steel tube 1 "X 1" Stailess Stell Hydraulic piping in front to prevent corrosion Wings over the aluminum axles Roof: Waterproof vinyl canvas attached to the top of the trailer arcs at each 4’ (4) Roof rails with steel tube 3/16 "X 2 1/2" x 2 1/2 " Bumpers: Temisko robust model for unloading ramp with lower horizontal ICC steel tube and reinforced uprights White fender Temisko 24 "X 30" Electricity: Sealed LED lamp installed in accordance with standard CMVSS 108 7-pin front connectors and center wire 7 strands Protected seamless wire with ground wire to the junction box Junction box "Scepter" 4 "X 7" X 7 " 45 ° Signal A.B.S. on blue wire Painting: Steel abrasive cleaned 100% Basecoat Epoxy (2) red paint layers, nonmetallic urethane Eurotech panel painted white White wall F.R.P Red and white reflective tape 55% each side, and complies with regulations in the back Vertical Supports: Regular jost, 2 speeds, 160,000 lbs of static capacity, low temperature lubricant Suspension: Pneumatic Hendrixon HT300t Axles 25,000 lb capacity, 77.5 "reach, group D22 Turner Ht-300-T, manual only CL12 lift system Stemco bearing and bearing cup Stemco seal Brakes 16 1/2 x 7 3/4 without asbestos,s Q type model Steel guide hub 10 studs (16) steel wheel rims UniMount 22.5 X 8.25 (16) Yokohama tires 275 / 70R 22.5 RY 103 10 fold Axles located as required for maximum load Rockwell Wabco brake system complies with CMVSS 121 A.B.S. system 2S / 1M (minimum required by law) Liquid gauge to read the pressure of the suspension installed in a steel box Ball valve on balloons Valve signal to raise on air lift backwards Wall coated full height with ¼’ plywood