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Tiny house trailer camper RV custom built very nice. L@@K

Tiny house trailer camper RV custom built very nice. L@@K


Olympia, Washington

Year 2007


Model -

Category Campers

Length Twelve

Posted Over 1 Month

Custom built Tiny house camper trailer. Built on a 2007 trailer. I have been a builder for the last 40 years or so. Last year I decided I wanted to build a tiny house camper. Not to live in but for recreational purposes. This little house is 2x4 construction. It measures 8' by 12' which gives you a finished 6' 2" wide on the inside and about eleven and a half feet long. I used Breckenridge no void rough sawn plywood on the outside (expensive). I use genuine 5 ply 1/2" plywood for the sheathing for the roof. No strand board anywhere. I painted the outside with two coats of Miller paint primer and Millers evolution exterior paint which is guaranteed for life. The walls are insulated with rock wool which works much better than conventional glass insulation expecially to cut down on outside noise. I built this using high grade sealants and materials sparing no expense and built it as if I was building a boat. The roof is a 60 year solid rubber firestone roof. I used Commercial made trusses. The tires are Brand new Ironman 10 ply. Even the spare which is not pictured. I beefed up the springs on the trailer to 5,200 lbs each. The whole trailer weighs in at less that 3,200. It is currently licensed and the title is in my name. The hot water is supplied by a brand new Rheems 6 gallon electric water heater. The refrigerator is a brand new Magic chef 4.2 cubic ft with a small freezer. The shower is a new conventional house type. Not a kit. The stove top is brand new but right now I cant think of the mfg. The wood work in the inside is all western red cedar and knotty pine. This deal includes all the artwork on the inside and out. The floor is 3/4" plywood covered on the bottom with two coats of liquid rubber and all the seams have been covered with a heavy duty seam tape and coated with the liquid rubber. The floor is insulated with the rock wool as well. I am also including a sway bar set up & slug. It travels very well and I've never had it sway with or without. The sink and the shower are the only plumbing. There is no toilet. We just intended on using a porta potty. The sink and the shower are plumbed in and there is a hose bib outlet on the underside that you simply hook a garden hose to and place it in the 20 gallon portable grey water tank that I am also including. This camper has a lot of charm. I am including a Cabelas 4' wide sleeping pad. The idea here is to either to sleep on a cot of your choice or use the pad that I am including. It is wired for 110, simply plug in a conventional extension cord and your good to go. The trailer is also wired for cable. I plumbed the cook top to hook up to a small canister type propane bottle. Everywhere I take this people come out to see. I have only used it on a couple of day trips. Tags are current. This project cost me over $7,000 just for materials. Couple that with about $5 grand in labor. My loss, your gain. Finances force sale. Whoever wins the bid will have up to 30 days or more if necessary to come and get it as long as payment has been made in full. Call Steve if you have further questions. 360-819-0957.