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17' spirit deluxe 2022
$26,500 if bought aug.1-2 2023 in Albuquerque
picked up Jan. 10, 2023 . Waited a year for arrival in Rice Texas PAID $32,000
Paid the sales tax and License in South Dakota - $1400
With bathroom, sleeps 3.
ADDED ON FOR RV at factory : Extras are furnace, aluminum cased awning (never opened), outside shower with spray hose (never used) , 25 gallon fresh water tank upgrade (never used), led interior and exterior lights, solar panel connection, sealed maintence free deep cycle battery upgrade, electric tongue Jack, friction anti sway control. High rise setup.
CONTROLLER ( pd your $650+ at Rice factory on RV hitch)
AND Never used : inside propane stove, 2 FULL propane tanks in front (gas heat or refrigerator).
I never took a shower in bathroom or ran the refrigerator on propane. I used the casita more like an extending tent trip ;)
INSIDE Extras : Added shelf over the closet door for handing small trash can, dog lease and trash bag box, small brush for floor. Works great.
BOUGHT ON AMAZON : 3 big labeled bags for water, sewer and electrical. All the gadgets you need - 3 types of electrical attachments -30 AMP, 50AMP 20AMP, 2 types of water input controls - with gauge. 4 chokes, yellow set of stablizer squares. AND Included Kitchen pots/pans on shelf under sink and some dishes.
White thick curtains (great for heat or cold) and also light ones with pattern by dining area. 3 gallon plastic container for water.
NOT PERFECT : the blinds are bent in some places and one small set needs to be installed/replaced. You may not use blinds? or I canorder some new ones.
Starts at
Sleeps: 3-5
Dry weight: 2,480lbs
Overall Length: 17'
Interior Height: 6'2"
Overall Height: 8'11"
Overall Width: 6’8"

Trailer Model:
17 Spirit Deluxe

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Silver City, New Mexico